The Integrity Check-List

Would you buy a used car if you thought the dealer might have turned back the odometer? Of course not. Don't be fooled by unreasonable promises and hidden practices in the liquidation industry. Kurtz Sales wants you to know what you are getting when you choose a liquidator. Ask these questions and compare the competition to us.

Question: Competition Kurtz Sales  
Is there a mark up on furniture they supply to the client for the sale? No Kurtz Sales provides supplementary inventory to help your sale succeed, not to try and squeeze the client for more money
Do they get rebates or kick-backs from their shipping company? No Some liquidators let their shipper hide additional mark-up by encouraging the shipper to charge more and then give the liquidator a kick-back or rebate.
Are all their sales people experienced furniture industry professionals? Yes

Kurtz Sales hand picks professional people with outstanding sales experience and tremendous product knowledge. Kurtz even matches their sales people to the client's particular niche within the industry.

Are their sales people in competition with one another? No Kurtz sales people pool commissions, encouraging a helpful team atmosphere, not a cut-throat, overly competitive one.
Are their sales people really knowledgeable about the local market? Yes

All Kurtz sales people live and work throughout the Mid-West, giving them a more effective connection to the clients and customers.

Do they provide an in-house advertising agency Yes Without proven, effective advertising, events fail. Richard and his staff provide all the advertising tools you need to succeed.
 Do they advertise on social Media
 Yes  We advertise on all social media platforms with proven success in boosting sales
Do their sales people, shipping providers, furniture vendors, and former clients recommend them enthusiastically? Yes Most liquidators can give you positive references, but when you talk to Kurtz clients, you find that not only were they satisfied with the service provided, they often consider Richard and his sales team their personal friends.
Do they have a track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations? --

Kurtz Sales succeeds because the clients, vendors, shipping companies—everyone involved—sees the value and professionalism throughout the entire process.

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